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Orange Delta 9 Hot Shot

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Savor the Zest of Life with Orange Delta 9 THC Syrup Discover a citrus twist on swift relief.

Invigorating Orange Twist Experience relaxation with a zest! Our Orange Delta 9 THC Syrup packs a potent Delta 9 THC punch in a citrusy, delightful form. Every tablespoon, containing 25mg of Delta 9 THC, offers rapid onset and sustained relief. This makes our Orange Delta 9 Hot Shot a haven for those seeking quick and lasting effects.

Now Available in a 10-Pack Good news! Our Orange Delta 9 Hot Shot now comes in a 10-pack. With a total of 1000mg THC, it’s perfect for regular users or sharing the citrus joy.

Fast and Lasting Citrus Bliss Feel the effects within minutes. Our blend ensures quick relief, blending Delta 9 THC with natural orange flavor for a unique relaxation journey.

Versatile Enjoyment Add our syrup to your favorite drinks or savor it straight. Each tablespoon delivers 25mg of potent THC, enhancing your relaxation routine with a citrus twist.

Assured Quality We guarantee quality. Our syrup undergoes strict testing for purity and potency. Trust in every sip for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Enjoy Responsibly Please use our Orange Delta 9 Hot Shot responsibly. Know your limits and ensure a safe setting for THC enjoyment.

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