Enjoy the best Delta 9 Cereal Bars availible, shipped descretly to your door


Outer Space CBD’s Delta 9 Cereal Bars

Savor the Universe in Every Bite

Set your coordinates for delight with Outer Space CBD’s Delta 9 Cereal Bars. Each bar is a nebula of flavors, from the classic THC cereal crunch to the tangy zest of fruity pebble edibles. These are not just cereal bar edibles; they are cosmic treats crafted with care, ensuring a potent journey through the stars of relaxation and creativity.

Experience the Galaxy of Flavors

Our Delta 9 THC cereal bars offer a taste of the cosmos with every chew. Infused with high-quality THC, these cereal edibles deliver the euphoric and therapeutic benefits you seek, whether you’re indulging in a fruity pebble edible after a long space mission or sharing a delta granola bar with fellow cosmonauts.

The Power of Delta 9 in Every Crunch

Dive into the potent world of delta 9 rice krispie treats, where every bite is packed with the full spectrum of cannabinoid potency. For those who crave a stronger journey, our strong edible rice crispy treats are your shuttle to satisfaction. And for the explorers partial to a different sort of journey, our delta 8 cereal and delta 8 cereal bars offer a smoother trip through the stars.

Designed for Intergalactic Enjoyment

Outer Space CBD’s THC cereal bars are the perfect fusion of deliciousness and convenience. As edible cereal bars, they’re ideal for on-the-go astronauts looking to refuel and relax. Our cereal bars strain is specially selected to ensure maximum pleasure and minimum fuss, making it easier than ever to control your dosage and enjoy a consistent experience.

Journey Responsibly with Outer Space CBD

As you embark on your cosmic cruise with our THC bar, we remind you to navigate responsibly. Consult with a healthcare professional before you lift off, especially if you’re charting unknown health territories.

Ready for Launch?

Discover the best of hemp-derived delights with Outer Space CBD’s delta 9 and delta 8 cereal bar edibles. Browse our selection today and select your perfect companion for an out-of-this-world adventure that satisfies your taste buds and soothes your soul. Your odyssey of taste and tranquility awaits.

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